The Salt of the Earth

April 2015

The documentary The Salt of the Earth portrays the work and life of the renowned photographer Sebastião Salgado, who “has now embarked on the discovery of pristine territories, of wild fauna and flora, and of grandiose landscapes as part of a huge photographic project, which is a tribute to the planet’s beauty”. The film was directed by his son Juliano Ribeiro Salgado and the German film director and also photographer Wim Wenders.


Stefan Fähler was responsible for the creation of the handpainted titles within the film (the project names, dates and places). He decided to use Karmina as a reference because “it is a beautiful and minimalistic typeface that works really well with the impact of Salgado’s images”. The titles were painted using water colours and Fähler added pigments of dry soil from Brazil in order to “include some extra “ingredient” (the real soil) that underlines the look, mood and message of the movie”.

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