Alverata celebrates de Keyser Monumenten

October 2018

For the Hendrick de Keyser Monumenten open house day, Alverata was chosen for the printed newspaper.



Alverata was used in texts and headlines for the special edition newspaper printed for the 100th anniversary of the Hendrick de Keyser Monumenten, celebrating the preservation of special architecture. The newspaper highlighted the most beautiful houses in The Netherlands that opened their doors for this occasion.

Alverata is Dr Gerard Unger’s resolutely modern font family inspired by his doctoral research on Romanesque type in 11th and 12th century Europe. Capital inscriptions are the basis for this face, which can be seen in its short, thorn-like serifs and flared forms. Alverata also brings in secondary considerations from the early 20th century model, but tweaks them to prevent blandness and imitation.

Alverata performs beautifully in both digital and physical applications, delivering excellent openness and legibility in small text and proving lively and attractive at large sizes. To complete the Alverata family, Dr Unger collaborated with Gerry Leonidas (University of Reading) and Irene Vlachou (Athens) to develop the Greek version, and with Tom Grace on the Cyrillic version.

Read more about the background and development of Alverata as part of Gerard Unger’s PhD (2013) on our blog here.


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