TypeTogether’s New Website

December 2016

We are pleased to present our new website, designed by Electric Pulp and implemented by Dinamic Studio. The site is powerful, clear, and loaded with options you can try for yourself.


TypeTogether specialises in editorial typefaces with personality, so that’s what you should see here — a simple and elegant website that allows you to easily find information and fonts by a typeface’s personality, intended use, language, and more. The new website has been designed by the Texas-based studio Electric Pulp and implemented by the Argentinian team Dinamic Studio.

The typeface in paragraphs is our Portada, the serif that can brilliantly replace a sans on small screens, while Adelle Sans handles all the headers. You should sense three main things from the new site: TypeTogether creates editorial style through our retail catalogue and our custom type families for brands; we invest in education; and we want you to know who we are. So poke around to see what’s new. And try the live type tester on every page in our Fonts section!


The brand new Fonts section presents all our type families in just one look. Typefaces can be filtered by script, category, style, and intended use on the Fonts main page. Try selecting more than one option to find exactly what you need. The Quick View option provides a preview image and enough information to pique your interest. It’s a buffet for your font-loving eyes!


Discover all our typefaces in the Fonts menu, which is easily accesible via the top navigation.


Try the filters in the new Fonts section: style, use, script, and category.


Use Quick Look for instant acces to a large preview, information snippets, and recommended uses.


See all the styles of the entire family on one page!

tYPE Testers

One of the great things about the new website is the ability to test our typefaces on almost every page. Type your own text, use the text provided, mix styles within one family, or mix families to find the best combination for your needs, including OpenType features. Get your Rambergefonstively on!


Testers are active on every font page, so go crazy! Type in your own text and play with all the options.


Find the perfect match by combining different families.


Or combine different styles from the same family. 

the blog

Our new blog includes a wide range of information that can be filtered by category, topic, and font. The articles will cover education, our typefaces in use, custom type projects, publications, and of course news about the foundry and the team that supports and creates our catalogue. These sections existed in our previous website, but now the space for content has increased, the visual aspect has improved, and it’s easier to access and read. Inspiration and encouragement live here.


The new blog comprises all the information about events, type in use, new releases, and interviews. Filters narrow down the information to exactly what you're looking for. This example shows Type in Use editorials using Adelle.


Find information by category, topic, or font.

custom type

Brand equity — the distinctness of a brand and the trust the customer has in the brand — is important when it comes to retaining customers and growing your business. So whether in digital apps, printed corporate materials, or persuasive paragraphs, an organisation’s voice should be carried consistently in their choice of typeface. That’s where we come in. Since everything you do is communication, TypeTogether creates solutions based around communicating with customers. We create custom typefaces to transmit the essence of your brand in every way you communicate. We’ll help you combine your distinctiveness with your customer’s trust. Find out how in the Custom Type section.


Homepage of the Custom Type section.


The process that resulted in Twinkl Sans, a family for the educational company Twinkl, is explained step by step.


The Catalogues section has seen a major change — better quality images and an easier shopping system. We have new posters, like AwanZaman, so grab them before they’re gone!


Filters are also implemented in the Catalogues homepage. Each item offers detailed information and photographs to help you make an informed decision.

the team

Without a doubt, TypeTogether’s main asset is our team of skilled, cosmopolitan collaborators. From the founders and designers to the engineers and communicators, we want you to know who we are and what motivates us. Check out the personal introductions to each of the talented teammates from around the world in About us.


Meet the entire TypeTogether team in our About section.

About Us

TypeTogether is an indie type foundry committed to excellence in type design with a focus on editorial use. Additionally, TypeTogether creates custom type design for corporate use. We invite you to browse our library of retail fonts or contact us to discuss custom type design projects.