Alverata and Sanserata in Theory of type design

November 2018

Dutch designer Hansje van Halem chose — unsurprisingly so — Dr Unger’s latest type design families Alverata and Sanserata to set Unger’s latest book ‘Theory of Type Design’.

Theory of type design book nai010 Gerard Unger


After ‘While You’re Reading’, a book discussing legibility and readability from a typographer’s perspective, Dr Gerard Unger’s latest accomplishment is this comprehensive text on the theory of typeface design, published by nai010 in the Netherlands. It is the first book of its kind that addresses the practice of type design from a reflective research-heavy point of view. Unger’s book is a long overdue perspective that fills a gap in the formal education of type creation and forms a valuable introduction to conceptual aspects of the craft, such as language influence, cultural connotations, conventions, and technological advancements.

As with his previous book, ‘Theory of Type Design’ is set using Unger’s own typefaces. Here the type system Alverata & Sanserata come into play, both of which are contemporary, eclectic designs drawing inspiration from the Romanesque period in Europe. All body text is set in Alverata, intended for continuous reading, while Sanserata, the serif-less counterpart, appears in titles, footnotes, and reference lists.

Unger Sanserata

Alverata Unger font theory of type design

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