Protipo minisite

October 2018

When we released Protipo, we said the Variable Font version was on its way and now it’s here! Check it out at this special minisite: Video walkthrough and link below.

Protipo variable font minisite from TypeTogether on Vimeo.


We have created a special minisite where you can experiment with the Variable Font format and a real data environment.

Whenever the entire Protipo bundle is purchased, the Variable Font is included. (Please get in touch if you bought the full bundle so we can provide the Variable Font.) This is great news because Variable Fonts are one way of making the future happen today: all possible instances of a type family in one file, a significantly smaller file size, and the ability to use it on modern web browsers like Safari and Firefox. To help explain the benefits of Variable Fonts, our own type designer and code manipulator, Irene Vlachou, has also written a post about it.

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