New Release: LFT Etica Mono

April 2019

Welcome LFT Etica Mono, the technical but not limiting, monospaced sans that encodes the bytes of a beautiful life.

LFT Etica Mono monospace font code


We are happy to announce the latest addition to the LFT Etica family: LFT Etica Mono! Some things seem trendy, while others seem inevitable. LFT Etica Mono fulfils the necessary requirements of a daily font for coding and also meets the aesthetic desires of a designer. With two options for italics (one more cursive and the other strait-laced), LFT Etica Mono can optimise its feel for various situations. Check out this companion to Leftloft’s immensely popular LFT Etica and LFT Etica Sheriff families in our website type tester.

Etica Monospace font

code font monospace

code font monospace

Etica Mono font coding html programmer

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