Literata in motion

October 2020

Literata is a distinct variable font family for digital text. Originally created as the brand typeface for Google Play Books, it exceeds the strict needs of a comfortable reading experience on any device, screen resolution, or font size.


Literata 3 is published with an OpenFont License (OFL) so it’s free to own and use — no strings attached! This wide-ranging family of two variable fonts supports Greek, Cyrillic, PinYin, and Vietnamese. Download it, experiment with it, and use it to your heart’s content. Literata 3 is the culmination of years of research, technological advances, and a vision to create a type family robust enough to comfortably read a full novel on any screen and at any text size. It’s the magic only available through maturation.

Motion design: Cecilia Brarda
Type design: Veronika Burian (Latin), José Scaglione (Latin), Irene Vlachou (Greek), Vera Evstafieva (Cyrillic), Elena Novoselova (Cyrillic)

About Us

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