Aneto in motion

October 2022

After over three years of diligent work and refinement, we are proud to announce the release of Aneto with its three subfamilies: Aneto Text, Aneto, and Aneto Skyline.



Aneto Text and Aneto are two families built upon the same skeleton and distinguished by their letter contrast to guide their appropriate use. This memorable serif creates flawless screen rendering, warm print production, and smooth readability.

As one of Aneto’s three subfamilies, Aneto Skyline is 36 fonts in a three-width power display, able to arrest the fickle eyes of viewers with the tallest, most impactful, and enticing headlines.

Type design: Veronika Burian, Roxane Gataud, Azza Alameddine, & José Scaglione
Motion design: Cecilia Brarda

About Us

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