Typographic matchmaking

This is our fifth article in our new educational series, after texts on how to choose the right typeface, typefaces and branding, a beginner’s guide on multiscript typography, and a basic set of instructions for sending spot-on documents to print. Now we are looking at pairing typefaces — definitely a difficult task that requires a balance of knowledge, eye experience, and boldness.


Picks from our font catalogue

LFT Arnoldo

From titles to paragraphs, this flared humanist sans is a captivating vehicle of aesthetic expression.

LFT Arnoldo
Explore LFT Arnoldo

14 styles from Light to Black

Script and Language

Latin script support for 100+ languages

Recommended Usage

Editorial, books, titles, packaging, covers


All caps, basic ligatures, case-sensitive forms, denominators & numerators, fractions, alternative fractions, historical forms, 4 sets of figures (oldstyle numerals, lining figures, proportional figures, tabular figures), localised forms, ordinals, small

Type in use: Sirba

Nicolien van der Keur’s Sirba has been used throughout this series of Polish Bible translations designed by Muflon Studio.


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