Lektorat preserves Czech sculptures

May 2021

Ilona Staňková, curator for Regional Gallery Vysočina in Jihlava’s, has preserved “The sculptures speak” exhibition in book format. Filip Blažek chose Lektorat for its perfect fit with the brilliant sculpture photography.



Regional Gallery Vysočina in Jihlava owns a small but representative collection of modern Czech sculptures. Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 lockdown, the exhibition was opened to the public for a shorter period of time than expected. The curator of the exhibition, Ilona Staňková, wanted to preserve the exhibition Sochy mluví (Sculptures Talk) in a book form and asked Filip Blažek to design it.

He explains that the intention was to express the atmosphere of the exhibition  and the space arrangement by way of graphic elements. “I wanted to use a simple sans serif typeface for the body text and a more expressive font for headlines. I tried Lektorat and I immediately knew this is the font I was looking for! Text styles have very nice texture and a subtle historical element. While the headline fonts, especially the heaviest styles, have a lovely and distinctive character perfectly fitting the brilliant photos of sculptures.”

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