St Bride Book launch: ‘How to Create Typefaces’

June 2017



In June 2017, St Bride Library hosted the the book launch of How to Create Typefaces, the English translation of the book Cómo crear tipografías. It was an unprecedented evening in which the three authors, Cristóbal Henestrosa, Laura Meseguer, and José Scaglione, shared the stage and talked about their relation with this publication — although Cristóbal’s participation was via video. Elena Veguillas and Gerry Leonidas  also participated in the event. St Bride was almost full in a particularly Latin night.  

Elena Veguillas, from the publisher‘s team, opened the evening with an introduction about the publication of the Spanish edition and the complexities of a collaborative project. Gerry Leonidas, who participated in the English translation by writing the foreword, reviewed the situation of type design education, in that after nearly two decades of worldwide contribution to practice, it is now seeing global contributions to education and discourse. The three authors added a personal perspective. Cristóbal Henestrosa, via video from Mexico, reflected on his personal relation with the publication. José Scaglione offered a more general perspective on type and his own personal experience, and offered a good piece of advice: ‘Read this and every other book with a critical spirit, which is an essential condition of this profession.’ Laura closed the presentation with an overview of her work as a type designer and as a type educator. Both professions are intertwined and reflected in her writing in How to Create Typefaces.

Pick up your copy at Tipo e’s website.

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