Protipo in Modo brand

June 2020

Summary: Protipo in use in the Argentinian company Modo, a construction business invested in every detail, from customer support to their visual identity.


Modo Construcciones is an Argentinian construction company with the goal of long-term growth in an environmentally sustainable way. Even though they are not focused on the luxury market, they differentiate themselves from the average construction company in quality and personalised customer support.

The company has recently undergone a complete rebranding developed by the Argentinian design agency Tuco. The new brand system is heavily based on the font family Protipo. We talked with Hernán Rosas, founding partner at Tuco, who explained that, “Protipo is a strong geometric sans — versatile and simple, but designed with high precision. It was ideal for the brand needs.”
The brand has a dynamic typographic system organised in two blocks that can be easily adapted to different situations, as can be seen on their social media pages.


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