Jean Lurçat 25

October 2018

Alverata was put to good use in this booklet and poster accompanying a special exhibition dedicated to French tapestry master Jean Lurçat.


Some 25 years ago, two pastors from Eppelborn, Saarland — Germany, came across the works of French tapestry master Jean Lurçat and became immediate fans. This passion led to a collection and ultimately a museum solely dedicated to Jean Lurçat in Eppelborn. As part of the celebration of the silver anniversary, a bilingual (French–German) poster and brochure were commissioned to Patrick Bittner and Manuel Wesely who is part of the design group MM,M.

Bittner comments on why they chose Dr Gerard Unger’s Alverata font: “The Jean Lurçat Museum Eppelborn project was a collaboration with my friend Manuel Wesely. We decided that each of us should choose a specific typeface for the project. Manuel came up with one and so did I: Alverata, by Gerard Unger, immediately came to mind. Such an imaginative typeface and perfectly readable. Incredible! I knew that one may pair Jean Lurçat’s artworks with something cold and neutral or, as in our case, with something very warm and connecting.”

All photo credits: Muriel Serf & Manuel Wesely

Alverata Jean Lurcat poster MM,M


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