Fino Sans

Designed by Ermin Međedović. Released 2016.

A dramatic, contemporary Didone titling family that scales beyond the world of looks by tapping into archetypes. The Fino type system amplifies the genre’s most theatrical aspects while bestowing an uncommon flexibility of style and variation. This sans version is completed by stencil and serif companions.

• Listed in Fontshop's Best typefaces of 2017
Fino Sans Set. 12 fonts USD 309,45
Fino Sans Title Set. 12 fonts USD 309,45


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Choosing a singular architectural style to define New York City is not an easy task. —Manhattan alone has more than 50,000 different buildings—but the city's two most recognizable skyscrapers, the Empire State Building and Chrysler Building, happen to fall from the same architectural apple tree.

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Built in the early 1930s during the heyday of Art Deco, the towers raced skyward, giving New York two icons that still dominate the skyline. But Art Deco architecture wasn't reserved for just high profile buildings; it proliferated throughout all five boroughs, making New York "the best city to explore the splendor" of the style.

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The Backstory

Fino Sans

A dramatic, contemporary Didone titling family that scales beyond the world of looks by tapping into archetypes.

Tall, stately, and refined, with a showy contrast between thick and thin, a certain kind of titling Didone has become synonymous with fashion. Ermin Međedović’s latest type system amplifies the most theatrical aspects of this genre while bringing an uncommon flexibility of style and variation to any type palette — particularly those required for editorial design. 

Fino is a Rational (or Modern) display serif with sharp details. Its fairly narrow proportions produce a regular beat of bold stems at frequent intervals. One can add an unexpected twist to this plot line by introducing the alternate ‘C, D, G, O, and Q’ (found in the uppercase); these replace the standard, narrow oval shapes with big, full, show-stopping round ones. Other alternate forms, along with a grand ensemble cast of ligatures, lets the director continually flip the script.

This stage is set in three acts: FinoFino Sans, and Fino Stencil. Each of these offer six weights and italics, and each actor is comfortable speaking any Latin-based language, from standard Hollywood English to the many accents of Eastern Europe. Finally, every style comes in two optical sizes, with Title having the finest hairlines for the biggest parts. This lets you put Fino to work in a variety of productions, from short texts (24pt–48pt settings) to epic titles. The complete Fino family, along with our entire catalogue, has been optimised for today’s varied screen uses.

All these talents let Fino perform a range of roles far broader than your typical Bodoni or Didot.

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