Savola annual report

May 2016

The Annual Report for The Savola Group, a major Saudi company, was produced in two editions, Arabic and English. David Amdal was the writer, editor, and communication strategist, while Mamoun Sakkal was the creative director and designer.


AwanZaman typeface was selected for the titles and section headlines to reflect the modern and progressive nature of the Savola company and its various divisions, while Sakkal Majalla typeface was the text typeface for its legibility and more traditional features.

Using the various available weights of AwanZaman, from Extra Light to Heavy, provided the variations necessary to create a clear hierarchy of information in this 100-page report. Selective stylistic sets, most notably with cursive details and swashes, gave the report a fresh character and solved many layout and text justification challenges.

Both the company management and its shareholders received Savola Annual Report enthusiastically.

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