May 2015

The Ahoj typeface is the result of a short four-day workshop in Prague of the core TypeTogether design team.


Right from the start, TypeTogether never had an actual physical office space. The company is incorporated in the Czech Republic and its employees and collaborators are spread around the globe. Usually we meet at different typography conferences that are held throughout the year. Since a proper meeting once a year is quite little, we decided to organise a working get-together of the core design team; learning more about the different parts of the font making and publishing process, having fun and doing type design from the very conceptual stage to the final upload to our web store. The Ahoj typeface is the result of this four-day workshop at ‘Galerie Vernon’ in Prague.

Ahoj can be downloaded and used for free. If you like it though, we encourage you to make a donation to one of the three charities listed below to help the victims of the earthquake in Nepal. To get things started, here is the receipt for our own contribution to one of them.

DOWNLOAD FONT and See more images on Flickr.



Ahoj is a bold display sans serif inspired by images of old signs and lettering found in our different home cities. We started by making a selection of various features we liked from the images and then started sketching some basic shapes to explore weight, proportions and general DNA of the new font.




day 1

By the end of day one we arrived at some nice proportions for a titling font comprised of only upper case characters. We also started to play with the idea of adding some decorative patterns that could be used as coloured layers on top of the main font.

day 3

During the third day the team was working at full speed populating the character set with some accents and symbols, and fine tuning the various textures that can be added to the font. These include shadows, interlocking inlines, and ‘bolt holes’ inspired by one of the image from a London sign.

day 4

The last day of work was partially devoted to various post-production processes such as kerning, programming OpenType features and screen optimization. Finally we all had some fun using the font and creating various samples of what can be done with it.





If you liked this typeface we invite you to donate to any of these charities recommended by international media, to help Nepal to recover from the devastation and tragedy caused by the series of earthquakes since April 25 2015. To get things started, here is the receipt for our own contribution to one of them.

The dZi Foundation started in 1988 with the mountaineers Jim Nowak and Kim Reynolds who had a in-site knowledge of communities and remote regions with difficult access to basic needs.
The Foundation is collection funds to help those communities rebuilding schools, homes and local infrastructure.

Himalayan Children Charities
When tragedies like the earthquake happen children can be easily victimised therefore they need an extra help and support, specially those who has lost the family structure. The funds collected by Himalayan Children Charities will go to will go directly to the many Nepalis affected by this tragedy.

After disasters one of the main enemies is not only hunger, but the outbreaks of waterborne diseases like typhoid and cholera.
WaterAid funds are meant to provide emergency water supplies, hygiene kits, water purification tablets and emergency trenches for sanitation.


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