Adelle Sans Korean coming soon

February 2023

In recent years, we at TypeTogether have increased our coverage of scripts in a purposeful way, going from a handful of scripts to 12 in a short amount of time. Along with the Sandoll team, we are now preparing the 13th script for our Adelle Sans family: the Korean Hangul script designed by Chorong Kim and Changsup Im. It’s still in the works, so a sneak peek will have to do for the moment.


From the beginning of TypeTogether, we have been committed to collaboration and trusting the expertise of our teammates. This is especially true when it comes to multiscript type design where the particularities of a script need to be respected. This sensitivity is best provided by seasoned type designers native to each script who are comfortable exploring typographic boundaries. Therefore, we like to collaborate with different partners and experts in each script we create.

Our upcoming Adelle Sans Korean is no exception. For this project we have joined forces with renowned Korean type foundry Sandoll. Our friendship and collaborations go back quite a few years when they asked us to design their new Latin branding typeface and logotype.

Adelle Sans already provides support for 12 scripts  plus pan-European, pan-African, and Vietnamese Latin. Thanks to its sans serif nature, friendly personality, and exceptional readability on screens, it is a straightforward candidate for Hangul.

Enjoy this small preview of the upcoming Hangul extension to the family. It offers a broad range of styles from Ultrathin to Extrabold, making it a broad communications tool for implementation in corporate identity programs, digital user interfaces, and other wide-ranging uses.


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