Sandoll Logotype

December 2018

Sandoll, the oldest and most renowned Korean type foundry, commissioned TypeTogether to create a custom typeface as part of their rebrand and, at the same time, adapt it to create their new Sandoll logotype.

sandoll logo

Previous logotype (left). New logo and branding (right).


From the beginning of the custom font project it was clear that the Semibold weight would also be used to set the new Sandoll logo. However, due to a wide range of reasons, installing a font and typing the brand name does not make a logo. The main problem is in an alphabet’s nature: when designing an alphabet, we make letters in such a way that they can fit before and after any other letter. This is a condition inherent to the very definition of typography. If we knew the final word that would be written, we would certainly make letters differently.

And this is exactly what TypeTogether does with logos: We interpret the designer’s ultimate intention by creating and modifying individual letterforms to create a more harmonious, cohesive, and appealing shape.

In Sandoll’s case, the changes were not overly dramatic, but consisted mainly of aligning serifs, tweaking the spacing, and fine-tuning the ‘sa’ combination to make sure the terminals align nicely. The more drastic modifications happened in the small and web version of the logo. Here all serifs were straightened and made more slabby, spacing was opened up, and sharp corners were added to the terminals on ‘s’ and ‘a’ for better definition.

Differences in design between the font (top), the large version (middle), and small version (bottom).

Small version of the logotype is to be used for anything below 18pt.

in use

The new branding system has been rolled out and the new logotype and custom typeface are featured everywhere, from the updated website to merchandising products and specimens, all the way to 3D signage for the Sandoll Headquarters in Seoul, Korea.

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