Tablet Gothic: sneak peek

June 2024

Take a peek at the Tablet Gothic upcoming expansion now and prep your fancy fingers for the free upgrade when it’s released.


We are in a constant state of evaluation and improvement to ensure our font families are in top shape for global use. In line with our value of creating global typefaces, we increased our “standard Latin character set” a few years ago to include Vietnamese, more characters overall, and other typographic niceties in order to serve almost 300 languages. This is no small commitment for each release.

Since Tablet Gothic was made 12 years ago, we recognised it would benefit from these upgrades, so we got to work on it. We are proud to announce a major expansion to Tablet Gothic! This headliner family is one of our largest, with almost-infinite variable styles or 84 predefined styles from which to choose. Tablet Gothic, an industrial 19th-century grotesque, now steps into the future.



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