GQ Mexico

March 2015

The Mexican edition of the men’s magazine GQ has undergone a recent redesign lead by the Spanish art director Diego Areso in coordination with in-house art director Guillermo Rodríguez. Diego Areso chose Tablet Gothic as a secondary typeface to substitute Titling Gothic. The family is being used in headlines, pull-out quotes, menus, captions and some texts.

tablet gothic

Areso explains the needs of the magazine regarding type design, and the process of selecting Tablet Gothic: “GQ is a magazine that has different sections: a publication about fashion and style to be elegant, but it is also a male magazine full of energy. We needed a versatile sans serif, able to perform equally as a headline font in a fashion environment and a report on Formula One.
We also wanted a flexible typeface with many weights and levels of condensation, because it was decided to keep the typographic palette small, and use only a sans and a serif typeface. The best way to do so is by using extensive super-families that offer different combinations and the possibility of modifying the design in future.
Tablet Gothic fulfils all these requirements: it is strong, looks elegant and is an extensive family. And it is not eccentric: its design is sober, without being too noisy. At the same time though it has details that show a strong personality, as for example the curves in the letter ‘a’.
After using Tablet Gothic for some time now, its great legibility in small text sizes stands out as one of its best features. GQ is built in small blocks of text that are often designed in small text sizes to make the most of the available space. Tablet Gothic has proved itself as an impeccable option for reading.”

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