New release: Portada Thai

March 2020

We excitingly welcome Portada Thai into our expanding multi-script type library. Designed for superlative performance in long form reading on screens, in UI, and apps, Portada is a looped Thai and Latin serif font family and icon set that’s clear and readable in restrictive digital environments.

Thai font, Portada


In 2016 we released the watershed font family Portada, aimed at reclaiming the ability of serifs to be used on small screens or unwelcoming pixel grids. Portada went on to win awards, be used excellently on websites (like our own), and become the brand typeface for Austrian Airlines. Today we’re announcing the release of Portada Thai by Pilar Cano in concert with Veronika Burian and José Scaglione. Portada Thai is a modern looped font family that tames the screen with a warm tone. We’ve bundled the entire Latin family with it and included the dark and light icon sets. Check it out on our website type tester during your downtime and see how the screen has met its match.


Portada Thai

Thai font

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