Clarín Titulos

October 2014

TypeTogether was contacted to create a new titling typeface for the largest newspaper in Argentina: Clarín. The commission was part of a larger redesign project that was led by Pablo Ruiz, senior designer and project manager at Catalan studio Cases i Associats, and Clarin’s art director Gustavo LoValvo.

Clarin Titulos & Adelle Sans
Clarin Titulos Regular & Bold

Tailored newspaper typeface for healdines

Clarín started using Adelle and Adelle Sans, both designed by Burian and Scaglione, in 2012. And they became widely used as highlight fonts in the main body of the newspaper and as titling and multiple purpose type families in sections like Culture and Sports.

The goal for the new titling face was to work alongside the Adelles, replacing Whitney as the main titling typeface and providing a more modern, newsy and refined feel to the newspaper. For consistency purposes, the lettering for the logo was also redesigned.
The new typeface, called Clarín Títulos, was built over the base of Adelle and Adelle Sans, but it brings its own character to the mix. It was developed as a two weight family, with an extrabold weight for the main headlines and a regular weight for the opinion columns.

Comparison On the left is the new layout using Clarin Titulos and Adelle Sans together with a redesigned masthead that is based on Clarin Titulos. The symbol has also been fine-tuned and updated. On the right is the previous design for comparison.

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