New release: Adelle Sans Thai

December 2018

Adelle Sans Thai expands the original family’s forms into a versatile tool for countless situations — branding, screens, signage, paragraphs, and advertising.

Adelle Sans Thai font new


At the end of 2017 we released Adelle Sans Arabic and last month we released the Devanagari script of Adelle Sans. This month we’re following up with Adelle Sans Thai, by Cadson Demak’s Smich Smanloh and Anuthin Wongsunkakon. In keeping with the Adelle Sans font family’s original look and purpose, the Thai script is a loopless modern design for use in advertising, branding, and editorial works where easy reading and a mature, recognisable aesthetic appeal is desired. Ready to take it for a spin? Head over to our type tester and try your favourite phrases.

Adelle Sans Thai

Adlle Sans Thai font new

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