Lisbeth poster design project

June 2017

Posters designed by second-year students at the Department of Typography and Graphic Communication in Reading, UK.

The winning poster design by Theodosis Demetriou

The winning design by Theodosis Demetriou

the task

At TypeTogether we believe in opening new bridges of collaboration between the educational and professional life, and between graphic and type designers. We believe that many different ways of collaborating should be explored. With this in mind this past semester TypeTogether invited the second-year students from Reading University’s Department of Typography and Graphic Communication to design a poster. Led by the department’s Teaching Fellow, Sara Chapman, each student was given a free licence of the Lisbeth font family, designed by Louisa Fröhlich and the invitation to create something interesting and informative that would highlight Lisbeth’s personality.

Says Chapman, “There was lots for the students to think about — type forms, type families, and type foundries — as well as tackling the challenges of copywriting, scale, composition, and colour in making a poster. Thanks, TypeTogether, for such a great project!” Beyond the free licence for the Lisbeth family, the winner, Theodosis Demetriou, has won a small monetary reward for his hard work. Check out all the entries below, and congrats to Theo!

We are looking forward to repeat this experiment with the University of Reading or other universities. Please get in touch if you are interested and check out more poster typefaces.

rebecca burlow

sigrid Dalland
o. gunson

emmeline hewstone
kash loi

amber mayall
grace o’halloran

hector penrose
fabio rahmani

jordan river
jack smithers

ellie taylor
azariah ziana

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