Masaryk University

March 2011 is a monthly newspaper published by the Masaryk University, the second largest university in the Czech Republic. It informs about current events at the university, science and research, student life and academic sports. It also features interviews with prominent personalities and interesting university graduates.
Petr Hrnčíř, responsible for the redesign of Muni, chose three of our typefaces, Adelle, Skolar and LFT Etica. He says: "The aim was to create a modern and transparent journal (given the relatively conservative academic public). The core content of the project was divided into three main sections - news, university and student, which are differentiated by using three basic colors. The rubric 'Students' was actually split into a separate issue. The typeface Adelle was chosen as a unique and distinctive slab serif, which is easily readable, new and interesting. LFT Etica is used as additional font mainly for labels and pull-out quotes, often set in floating columns to lighten up the design and to prevent high empty vertical spaces."
Due to personal preferences the client decided to adapt the letter 'a' in Adelle and change the out-stroke to a serif similar as in 'c'.

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