December 2014

Yedi70 is a company based in Istanbul that aims to change and enhance the life quality of elderly people by providing health, social and activity services.

 adelle & adelle sans

The talented designer Begüm Bahçecik designed the identity for the new company and she selected Bree for the logotype: ‘Rounded forms and edges of the elephant sign and unique forms of Bree typeface created a harmonious partnership. Distinctive letters of the typeface created a feeling of dynamism’.
Additionally, the Adelle family, sans and serif, has been used as main typefaces in printed and screen based material. In Begüm’s words: ‘Main two reasons behind choosing these particular typeface family was to use a typeface which works properly across platforms that can also handle heavy editorial information. Adelle as a slab serif typeface has been mostly used for text while Adelle Sans has been used for headings. Typeface family has an overall feeling of formality without being boring. Various weights of Adelle typeface family provides many chances to its user to play around about how you want to say something’.

About Us

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