April 2011

Bree in use in the Brazilian channel GNT


The Brazilian GLOBOSAT Network channel has adopted a new programming structure as part of its rebrand. Contrasting to the clean and elegant 2008’ on-air look, the new GNT channel identity should be designed to get closer to Brazilian modern woman. The in-house creative team was commissioned to develop a whole new design image more in-tune with the audience of “AB-consumerclass-woman-30-years-old-professional-contemporary-and-mother”. They chose Bree as their main identity typeface. Creative director Ricardo Moyano says: “The typeface we choose had to follow the same premises. In this sense, Bree typeface suited on the general concept in a very elegant way. The rounded shapes suggest all femininely we expected to present. Also when composed in sentences and headlines it flows as a handmade calligraphy. It looks at same time unpretentious and sophisticated; exactly as GNT women audience wants to be.”
See the movie reel here.




Full Credits
Art Department Manager: Manuel Falcão
Creative Coord: Ricardo Moyano
Research: Marcio Leite
Photography Direction: Ricardo Moyano e Vitor Peixoto

Designers: Rodrigo Leme, Leon Vilhena, Daniel Tumati, Luke Bosshard, e Celina Arslanian

Sound Design: Jonas Sá
Production: Larissa Bello and Vanessa Barbosa

Approval: Letícia Muhana (Direction/GNT) and Daniela Mignani (Marketing/GNT)





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