Bely in uxai website

January 2023

UXAI is a website by Pep Sánchez Ríos, touting his abilities in design, usability, and overall experience.


User experience can be thought of as how easy and delightful a website is to interact with. Information should be easy to find, the website should be navigable overall, and it’s always a plus if there’s an element of surprise or joy within the system. The uxai website is a good example of those principles.

It lays out plainly, in Spanish and English, what to expect, how to see each category of work, and gives a few surprises in navigation and on hover. It’s clear Ríos is showing off a little, but that’s the advantage of having the skills to pull this off.

Ríos has done projects from film and websites to apps and e-commerce, and they are all beautifully voiced by Roxane Gataud’s Bely Display. Expressive, opinionated, and delightful — both the website and Bely.


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