Designed by Roxane Gataud. Released 2016.

Bely is Roxane Gataud’s venturesome text family paired with a fearless display in the French style. Built upon classical proportions to capitalise on reading familiarity, Bely’s four text weights combine comfortable reading with an admirable texture. Bely Display pushes the logic of the text weights to their extreme, resulting in adventurous forms for unforgettable packaging and headlines.

  • TDC Award of Excellence in Type Design 2017
  • SOTA Catalyst Award 2016
  • Étapes, 2014 Diploma Issue.
  • Typeface Publishing Incentive Programme, 2014.
  • 2014 exhibition “TransFormations” Exhibition, Centre Pompidou.

Long-lost Mayan city isn’t lost… or a city.

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How can you resist a headline like “Quebec teen may have discovered long lost Mayan city”?  

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This much is true: William Gadoury, now 15, won a contest to present his theory that Mayan cities were correlated with constellations at a conference a few years ago. He happened to be next to a booth of the Canadian Space Agency, where scientists took notice and decided to help the kid out. So Canada turned its RADARSAT-2 to a remote corner of Mexico, right where Goudry’s constellation theory predicted a city would be. Lo and behold, those images seemed to show manmade structures.

Satellite imagery can be a powerful tool for studying the ancient world. “Space archaeologists” like Sarah Parcak want to use readily available data like this to lower the barriers to entry in science, and a teenager finding a long-lost city would be a pretty stunning proof of concept. But that isn’t what the images show.

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The square in the CSA’s satellite images is probably an abandoned field, and another spot may be a small dry lake or clearing in the jungle, says archaeologist Ivan Šprajc. Gizmodo, in its updated story, has noted the same about the square structure.

Moreover, experts are skeptical of the claim that the Maya built their cities according to constellations. They did indeed have constellations, but there is no complete canonical list of them, so the theory is hard to test. “Maya constellations that we know of, with the exception of Scorpio, bear no relation to those we find on modern star maps,” says Anthony Aveni, a founder of the field of archeoastronomy. What seem like bizarre locations for cities can be explained by other factors, like access to swamp mud for their terraces.

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The Backstory


A classy throwback textface with a fearless and venturesome display.

Bely is the first design by French newcomer Roxane Gataud. Too many typefaces are either governed by fear and never accomplish what they could, or are unrestrained which results in their frenetic dangling like a leaf caught in a spider’s web. Bely’s strength is that it has both restraint and freedom throughout the text weights and into the unique display weight. There is no fear in this type family, but only great respect for both the tradition of reading and the opportunity to make an impression.

Bely is a high-class throwback containing four text weights which were built upon classical proportions to capitalise on reading familiarity. Bely Text features balanced capitals and a play between large, triangular serifs at the top and thick, bracketed, rectangular serifs at the bottom. The family is capped by a radical, expressive French-style display weight which pushes the rules of the text weights to their logical extreme. Bely Display, truly daring with its monstrous and angled contrast, exploits the features which make an impression at larger sizes. In the end, Bely Display is adventurous when used in packaging, identities, and headlines with attitude, while Bely Text’s calm baseline and piercing ascenders give paragraphs texture and familiarity.

Bely covers the Latin A Extended glyph set and brings its sense of confidence to your projects with its two text weights, matching italics, and unique display style. Bely’s satisfying OpenType features allow for the implementation of typographic niceties such as small caps, both tabular and proportional lining and oldstyle figures, ligatures, alternate characters, case-sensitive variants, and fractions. The complete Bely family, along with our entire catalogue, has been optimised for today’s varied screen uses. 

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