Adelle Sans Korean was designed with Sandoll, the preeminent Korean type foundry which partners with TypeTogether. Rooted in the belief that broad language support is crucial to modern type design, Adelle Sans Korean is yet another push in TypeTogether’s ongoing multilingual efforts. Adding language support is not a simple act of matching geometry stroke for stroke; each script must harmonise with the others while still maintaining its own identity. Korean script’s complexity includes its dense shapes and combined marks, making it more complex than its Latin counterpart. The Adelle family’s naturally clean and spirited shapes lend themselves to an appropriate Korean translation of the Latin’s colour and feel, matching the overall functionality, purpose, and cultural awareness.

Adelle Sans Korean can be used in all the formats and ways you expect of the other scripts. From branding, packaging, and paragraphs, to small screens and enormous headlines, flexibility is the keyword for this font family. Check it out and grab your copy now!

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