Maiola in use in100PY exhibition

October 2018

An 2018 exhibition presents 100 years of Czechoslovak history through the eyes of five generations of one family.



In 2018, to commemorate the centennial of the founding of Czechoslovakia, a unique exhibit was organized to bring the country’s history closer to people. The exhibition, titled ‘100py’ [a play on words in Czech meaning footprints] told the story of the country through five generations of the fictitious Němcova family from the Czech city of Pilsen.

The exhibition, which had the subtitle ‘One hundred years of the Republic as seen by five generations, made extensive use of our Maiola typeface.

Visitors were able to walk through the exhibition at the DEPO2015 culture hub in Pilsen, look at period objects and think about the dilemmas that five generations of the family had to solve. It’s actually three exhibitions in one, said exhibition curator Jiří Sulženko.

Maiola, designed by Veronika Burian, was selected as the main typeface of the event visual material. It was seen on the brand, the signage, and exhibition.

Maiola is a contemporary typeface that is mindful of its heritage. It is intended for high-quality printed text and thus handles its expressive tendencies with care to equalise the important issues of legibility and personality. Its glyphs have purposeful and subtle irregularities which enhance its dynamic spirit.





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