Bely goes OFFF

January 2018

As a showstopper used around the world, Roxane Gataud’s Bely is no stranger to large formats and big stages, a recent one being OFFF Tel Aviv.


OFFF Tel Aviv is a visual design festival hosting innovative, international speakers — a meeting point for all talents worldwide to collaborate. Roxane Gataud’s Bely was used as the main 2018 logo typeface and other conference elements.

The branding was created by Amnon Illuz, Creative Director at Re-Levant Design, who said he chose Bely because “we looked for distinctive typography which can work with our branding concept: a local game show. Therefore we chose to use Bely, which is a French-style character, a bit fancy and glamorous, however fearless, twisted, and a little bit off :) We created complementary types in Hebrew and Arabic combined in THE GRAND SHOW OFFF logo.”

Bely is Roxane Gataud’s venturesome text font family paired with a fearless display in the French style. Built upon classical proportions to capitalise on reading familiarity, Bely Display pushes the logic of the text weights to their extreme, resulting in adventurous forms for unforgettable branding, packaging and headlines.

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