Tablet Gothic: Letterpressing matters

Because letterpress printing is a costly and complex process in this digital era, we rarely have the chance to see our typefaces come to life in that medium. Erik Spiekermann has found a solution for using the best of digital technology with the best of letterpress printing. Through direct-to-plate technique, Tablet Gothic, a grotesque with reminiscences from 19th century Britain and Germany, has made its way to that classic medium. Take a look at the process of making of Sylvia Plath’s “Der Koloss,” with design and typesetting by Erik Spiekermann and Ferdinand Ulrich using Tablet Gothic, and printed on an original Heidelberger Zylinder. Photo: Norman Posselt.

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As a decentralized team we often must make the best of any given situation. From riding on trains to setting up in almost any extra space, we do what we must to continue producing great work for you. We wrote a recent article about the many locations our core team sets up shop. And if you’re interested in more details about each team member, be watching the blog for some upcoming interviews.

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