The Norwegian University of Gjøvik invited Veronika to run a week-long type-workshop, making this the fourth year. The resulting typefaces ranged from classical book serifs, clean sans serifs for the screen to an interesting concept based on Icelandic runes.

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Lipa Agate

A two-height sans cleverly designed for clarity in the smallest text sizes.

Lipa Agate
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2 primary versions, High and Low with 3 widths, regular, narrow, and condensed, 24 styles altogether.

Script and Language

Latin script support for 100+ languages.

Recommended Usage

Microtypography— 5–10 points — such as in album liner notes, sports scores, footer details for film posters, data tables.


Discretionary ligatures, small caps, arbitrary fractions, info-numerals and contextual alternates.


TypeTogether has a few articles again in the second volume of 365Typo. José’s article about ATypI as a platform to connect type designers with type users leads off the entire book. Veronika’s article, ‘Why do we need another typeface?’ answers that persistent question. The release of Adelle Sans Armenian is discussed in an article about typefaces released in 2016. And there’s a profile about Veronika within a longer article about women in design. We are proud to have taken part again in a book discussing the intersection of design and typography.

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