New release: Noam Text

September 2017

Adi Stern’s Noam Text shows that typographic progress is often in the small things — in the perfecting of familiar traditions and in staying loyal to the spirit of what came before. It can’t really be called progress unless it honours its history. In this way, TypeTogether is happy to introduce Noam Text: A Hebrew font that builds on its heritage with the twin tools of honour and progress.

Noam Text hebrew font


Great typefaces begin with a purpose in mind, whether as a revival, a tonal exploration, or for use in a specific medium. Adi Stern’s dual script family, Noam Text, displays resilience, harmony, and progress — the stable resilience required for a newspaper typeface, and the harmony required for setting modern bilingual text of any category. Stop by our website and download the PDF specimen to see why Noam Text is one of the most thorough and advanced Hebrew-with-Latin type families of the last century.

Read the full story behind Noam Text in Hebrew here, and view these wonderful posters created with Noam Text for a special pop-up event in Tel Aviv.

hebrew font noam

noam adi stern

multiscript hebrew latin adi stern

noam hebrew


noam font hebrew adi stern

noam text multiscript font

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