Noam Text font launch

July 2018

Dichotomies: A pop-up poster exhibition in Tel Aviv featuring Noam Text by Adi Stern. The Noam Text font family enables the interweaving of an English word or sentence admist Hebrew text, without any disruption — fluently, calmly.

noam text specimen desinged by Avi Bohbot

Specimen showing Noam Text designed by Avi Bohbot for the pop-up font launch.

pop-up event

After 15 years of researching, producing, and perfecting the Noam Text font family, Adi Stern and TypeTogether held a launch party in Tel Aviv to celebrate this significant milestone in Noam Text’s long journey. Veronika Burian introduced TypeTogether and its dedication to global typography while Adi shared his personal and bumpy path of developing this dual-script type family.

All profits from Noam Text’s sales will provide scholarships for needy students at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem.

dichotomies_noam font

A group of talented artists, designers and illustrators was tasked with balancing past with future and heritage with progress in a similar way to Noam Text’s tone as well as its aesthetic and functional value. The resulting posters were exhibited in a pop-up setting at the launch venue for the evening.

Woven throughout the evening was the constant flow of Hebrew and English in a multilingual setting appropriate for the accomplished designer and his harmonious font family.

arielle shekel
ella cohen

matan stauber
avi bohbot

avi naim
liza lurie

dichotomies_noam text

morin glimmer
rotem bix

rotem fisch
rotem soaya

shy inbar
liron cohen

yotam hadar
einat zarfati

daniel vernirve
dichotomies_noam text
specimen page shwoing noam text

dichotomies_noam text


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