February 2017


Liip is one of Switzerland's leading web agencies with offices in five cities and more than a hundred employees. In 2014 the agency Visual Context was in charge of leading the project for a complete rebranding of Liip.

For the new identity, the typeface LFT Etica by Leftloft was selected, a sans serif that conveys a warm and warm and approachable feeling. The agency asked TypeTogether to adapt ii for their particular needs and a special slash version was added. LFT Etica is used in Liip’s multilingual and responsive website. Hierarchies are emphasied by using different type weights and sizes in addition to the co-orporative green colour.

Despite the web being Liip’s principal medium, LFT Etica can be seen in every other aspect of their identity: from walls to business cards, a complete identity range.

German readers can go to Liip’s website launching announcement, Visual Context’s portfolio text, or the article in the magazine Hochparterre.

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