The movable office

October 2017


Being a decentralized, digital company practically guarantees that one of us is working hard for you at any hour around the clock and around the world. It also means meeting up every once in a while gets added to the priority list. Hope you enjoy having a peek into our various work environments. We are nomads: resourceful by nature and humbled by necessity.

September 2017, montreal

Part of the TypeTogether team travelled to Montreal for the 2017 ATypI conference. When a trip is far away it is common to spend a few extra days in the host city. Roxane took that option and found a wonderful nomadic office: the shared office of Michel Sabbagh (with Alexandre Saumier Demers, Alexandre Leclair & Olivier Mercier-Chan) in the Mile End area in Montreal.


Roxane’s office after 2017’s ATypI Montreal.

june 2017, girona

We recently posted a full article about the TypeTogether team retreat in Girona and here are some pictures of the fantastic temporary offices we set up there.


Azza and Veronika enjoy the Spanish sun. We promise they’re working hard.


One of several crit sessions, fueled by coffee, tea, and deep thoughts. Left to right: Josh, Veronika, Azza, Pilar Cano, and Ben Mitchell.


Gerry Leonidas leads part of the core TypeTogether team in optimising workflow. Left to right: Joancarles, Irene, Josh, Gerry, Azza, Veronika, and José.

june 2017, barcelona

After our team get-together in Girona, some of us stayed a few days in Barcelona. The small café next to our hotel had good WiFi access and good coffee. Not much more is needed for a digital team, right? On the first day we set up on a small part of a raised table and did some type crits. By the last day we occupied four full tables and could’ve placed a TypeTogether sign on the wall.


Critiquing a few of Roxane’s upcoming freelance projects. Being part of the TypeTogether team means getting solid feedback from the rest of the family. Left to right: Josh, Veronika, and Roxane.


Mr. Robinson’s Café kindly hosted our team for morning work sessions. Left to right: Veronika, José, Roxane, and Josh.


Roxane, Veronika, and Josh discuss upcoming projects.

November 2016, dublin

It was the end of a long trip that took Veronika and José to six cities in four countries. The final few days they led a workshop in Dublin and were at last awaiting their flights home. The tables at Dublin airport are way too small and the chairs are very uncomfortable. Some nomad offices are definitely worse than others, but getting things done is a way of life.


José is all smiles as he has a quick snack and checks things off his to-do list.

november 2016, somewhere between London and brighton

Veronika and José started very early in London and took the train to Brighton. There, Ben Mitchell was waiting to give them a day-long workshop on Burmese script. The train takes almost 90 minutes to get to Brighton, which was enough time to catch up on emails, customer support, and a bit of Bézier beautifying.


Veronika runs TypeTogether’s mobile office, speeding through the countryside

may 2015, praha

In May 2015 the TypeTogether team met face to face once again. At that point there were only five teammates. We all travelled to Prague where we worked and socialized together for five days, with the aim of better understanding each person’s role and unifying the team. In that short amount of time we did a workshop together and created the Ahoj layered typeface, which we released for free.


Irene, Elena, and prior teammate Sonja Stange working on production for the Ahoj typeface, one of the freebies in our catalogue.

summer of 2013, elena on the move

In the Spring of 2013, Elena travelled around Spain, from Bilbao in the north region to Granada in the very south, and finally Barcelona in the Northeast. Trains quickly became her office and living space. She even made a poster about the spring tour.

Somewhere in the lands of Castile, Spain


Elena’s 2013 Spring tour poster.

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