September 2015

The 365typo annual book is published by the French étapes: éditions in collaboration with ATypI. The publication features 365 key issues in the field of typography, type, graphic design and visual communication. Edited by Linda Kudrnovská and designed by Filip Blažek


The brand new 365Typo annual book, published by étapes in collaboration with Association Typographique Internationale (ATypI), features 365 stories by the world’s best writers in the field of typography, visual communication, and type and graphic design. Presented are not only engaging behind-the-scenes stories and crucial facts, but analyses and predictions of future developments which also help readers find their way through the labyrinth of current events, trends, and ideas. Veronika Burian and José Scaglione both wrote featured articles, and TypeTogether, its advancements, and its awards are mentioned more than a few times. In addition, it uses Gerard Unger’s Capitolium 2.

About Us

TypeTogether is an indie type foundry committed to excellence in type design with a focus on editorial use. Additionally, TypeTogether creates custom type design for corporate use. We invite you to browse our library of retail fonts or contact us to discuss custom type design projects.