Alfred Kubin Exhibition, Spuren in Salzburg

February 2020

Ermin Međedović's typeface Fino Sans in use at the exhibition devoted to artist Alfred Kubin at the Salzburg Museum.


Alfred Kubin (1877–1959) was an Austrian printmaker, artist, and illustrator who spent much of his life in Salzburg. In 2019 the Salzburg Museum devoted an exhibition to his work.

The design studio Mooi was responsible for the exhibition graphics, so for the larger texts they chose Ermin Međedović’s Fino Sans, a contemporary display sans serif with dramatic contrast. This choice was partly inspired by the cover of the first edition of Kubin’s novel Die andere Seite from 1909: “The lettering uses capitals of narrow proportions (interspersed with some wider ones), distinguished by a pronounced stroke contrast. Fino Sans shares several of these characteristics without being retro, and can be regarded as a modern, more straightforward equivalent. The pattern of thick and thin strokes also is a good fit for the pen-written and drawn elements in Kubin’s work.”

Fino Sans is part of a larger family comprised of Fino Stencil and Fino, the serif companion.

All images courtesy of Mooi design.

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