Tuțu and Țuca

October 2018

Bree used on packaging and in the logotype of this Romanian food product series, Tuțu and Țuca, lending the brand an inviting and familiar note.

Bree branding packaging tutu tuca


Tuțu and Țuca is a series of staple food products, such as mustard, flour, spreads, and the like. The branding is reminiscent of packages that loving relatives would have sent in earlier times to Romanian emigrants in Western Europe.

Adriana Liute, managing partner at Storience brand agency comments on why our Bree font was selected: “We chose Bree because it’s a font that harmoniously combines legibility with strong personality and aesthetics. In our project’s case, the font brought a warm, friendly, familiar, and organic character to the packaging. This brand’s story is ‘traditional products that Romanian grandparents would send to a far-away, but dear, relative’, so there was a good overlap between the font and our brand story.

Bree packaging

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