LFT Iro Sans poster design project

November 2017

We at TypeTogether are always looking for great collaborations with great people, and Jason Tselentis is exactly that. Besides being a writer for many design magazines, he is an associate professor at Winthrop University. We partnered with him and his senior students to design posters for LFTLoft’s LFT Iro Sans. We provided the fonts and a monetary reward for the winner, and they came back with some great work. Congratulations to the winner, Rachel Ogg, with her Hot Sardines poster, and the other entrants!

Winning entry by Rachel Ogg.

The brief

Tselentis says, “The senior graphic design students at Winthrop University were faced with the challenge of representing a jazz song or jazz album using typography. How do you evoke a song or a song’s mood? How can poster type be used expressively? How can a design style create a sense of time and place?”

“With these questions in hand and the LFT Iro Sans typeface, the students used colour, contrast, and weight, among other design principles, to compose their individual jazz posters. Some students solved this challenge purely with typography. Others used type and image to deliver a more illustrative solution.”

Rachel Ogg submitted the winning poster based on the well-known Hot Sardines track, “Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen” and an appropriately-schemed colour palette. Ogg reflected on the process this way. “To me, LFT Iro Sans has a fun and energetic feeling to it; it doesn’t want to be taken too seriously. I wanted to find a song that had similar qualities and ‘Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen’ by The Hot Sardines does just that — it is a fast and upbeat song with playful music and lyrics.”

“I wanted my poster to evoke the qualities of the song,” she continues, “which is why I included a range of instruments, a busy background, and the orange colour scheme. My goal was to create something that looked a bit like organised chaos, which is the feeling I got when listening to the song.”

Instructors and designers know it’s all about the tonal harmony among all the elements. Tselentis summarises, “Typographically, LFT Iro Sans proved to be a more than capable asset, and was just the right type of font for the task.”

Check out the many voices of the LFT Iro Sans family for yourself, as well as the other posters. Congratulations to Rachel Ogg and the other students! And a big thank you to Jason Tselentis for guiding the students with knowledge and skill!

If you’re interested in partnering with TypeTogether and have a great idea, get in touch. We’d love to hear it!

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