Meet Rabab

November 2020

It’s been a while since our last interview series with the TypeTogether team. Grab your favourite drink (Rabab would suggest an espresso) because it’s time to meet Rabab Charafeddine, our junior graphic designer.


Rabab Charafeddine

Rabab joined TypeTogether at the end of 2018, taking Roxane’s position as the youngest member of the team. Based in Beirut, she claims to have the best possible help — her perpetual employees of the month (cats!) always seem to have some naughty moments despite their innocent faces. Rabab is our junior graphic designer who works everyday in all things design, and she can do absolute wonders with a cup of coffee

1 · Where is your office located? 
I work from home in Beirut, Lebanon. I was working in a shared office space but unfortunately that place was destroyed in the 4 August 2020 explosion.

2 · In what countries or cities have you lived?
I’ve lived in my hometown my whole life but I spend my summers in Tehran, where part of my family lives.

3 · What kind of music do you listen, if you do, when working?
I listen to various kinds of music while working. I’m always listening to something and I have playlists depending on the time of day or my mood. Occasionally I focus with some instrumental music like Yann Tiersen. If I need to be on turbo work mode I start by playing French 79 – Hometown then similar music to it. I also have a few albums downloaded that I listen to all the time, like The Lumineers.

4 · Who is your everyday hero?
Arabic and Lebanese designers and artists who work with the essence of Arabic design and visual culture. I appreciate their hard work and their schools of thought. It’s really easy to get lost in globalised art styles, so I consider their explorations successful and really inspiring. I also truly look up to people who are not afraid to share their knowledge. Good educators are the best. I’m lucky to have been surrounded by them throughout my education and work life.

5 · What are your love/hate glyphs when designing?
In the short experience I’ve had so far with Arabic, I had a tough time designing the medial “meem ممم” (the middle shape) and I really enjoyed letters with loops like “feh ف” “qaf ق” and “waw و”.
6 · What is your hobby when not designing or working with fonts?
Making tiny sketchbooks, drawing people, things, and places using various materials, making collages — I enjoy any craft work, really. I also enjoy taking pictures.

7 · You have one opportunity to do something different in your life. What do you choose?
I don’t think I’d make many decisions differently. I would still definitely be in the art or design field, but maybe I would choose fashion design or have a ceramic studio.

8 · What is your favorite word?
I like a lot of words in general; I think that’s the reason I was drawn to type. My favourite Arabic word is “soukoun”, which roughly translates to something meaning stillness, tranquility, and quietude. I personally describe it as the feeling I get when I am under water or when I’m floating and the sounds around me become faint. It’s also the name a vocalisation mark in Arabic (this one: ْ  ) and I find that super amusing.

9 · What is the most amazing script you have worked with and why?

I really enjoy working with Arabic because of the various ways the shapes can take form — how the letters, vocalisation marks, and diacritics can be used in both functional and aesthetic ways. I’m still learning how to use different scripts and their specifications in design work and I find something fascinating in each of them.


Employees of the month at Rabab’s home office.


Neon sign she designed for Retrogroove Collective.


On top of a bath house in Kashan, Iran.


“The everyday scenery I see and I love,” says Rabab.

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