Will I receive a discount when I buy more than one style?
Yes, discounts are applied automatically at checkout.

Can I purchase single styles?
Yes, of course. Simply scroll to the list of syles on the font family page, select the style you want and click the BUY button. A window will open that will give you options of the three available licences (Desktop, Web, or App). Select the desired licence and either click on ‘Check Out’ or ‘Browse More Fonts’. If you want to add another style of the same family or of another font family, then click 'Browse More Fonts' and repeat the selection process. All of the single styles will be added to your cart and discounts are applied automatically at checkout.

Can I return a typeface after purchase?
If you have not downloaded and installed the font files on your computer and you notify us within 24 hours after your purchase, you may request an exchange or a refund. If the font file is defective and you are not able to install it, notify us within 30 days after purchase and we will replace it.

I bought the wrong font by accident. Can I exchange it?
If the font has not been downloaded to your computer and you notify us within 24 hours after your purchase, we are able to exchange it.

If I buy one style now, can I upgrade to get the entire family later at a discounted price?
Yes, the price of the previously purchased licence will be taken into account. If you are ready to do so, please email the original purchase receipt to [email protected] and let us know what you'd like to do.

Do you grant discounts to NGOs?
Yes, we offer a 25% discount to NGOs. Please contact us at [email protected] with your NGO credentials.

Do you offer volume discounts?
You bet we do! Just like buying in bulk from a store, the more styles and users you need, the cheaper the per-style price will be. Discounts are generated automatically at checkout.

May I use a copy of TypeTogether fonts for free for my student project?
Yes, we usually grant a temporary licence for student projects that are non-commercial and form part of the curriculum. Please contact us at [email protected].

I am a student or educator. Am I eligible for a discount?
Yes, we offer a 25% discount to everyone involved in academia, whether student or educator. Contrary to the temporary licence as mentioned in the previous question, this educational licence allows you to use the fonts in commercial projects. Please send us a request from your academic email account to [email protected] with exact details about the typeface you would like to purchase, including the weights needed.

I am an educator and we would like to use one of your typefaces for a school project with the students. Can I use one of your typefaces?
You can use one of our free fonts, buy one with a 25% discount, or send us an email describing the project; we may grant a free temporary licence for the project.

Do you offer free fonts?
Yes, we have several free fonts available in our font library, e.g. Birdy, Jockey, one style of Abril, and some styles of Bree Serif.

Where can I find the purchase receipt?
Log into your account on the TypeTogether website and go to ‘My purchases’. All receipts are recorded here.

What font formats will I receive?
If you purchase a desktop licence or an app licence, you will receive OTF, which is the current industry standard OpenType Font format. If purchasing a webfont, the licences included are WOFF, WOFF2, EOT, and SVG. We will update our catalogue with additional file types as new formats become standard.

Do I have to pay VAT?
TypeTogether is a company registered in the Czech Republic and is legally obliged to charge Value Added Tax (VAT) on sales and services within the European Union (EU). If you reside outside the EU, VAT will not be charged. If you have a company registered in the EU, then add your VAT number in your account and VAT will be set to 0% automatically.

What payment methods are accepted?
The easiest method is to pay by credit card. We accept the most common credit cards: VISA, Mastercard, and VISA Electron. You may also choose to pay via PayPal. Please note that you do not need a PayPal account to pay through PayPal. If you don't own a credit card or don't want to use PayPal, you can pay via bank transfer. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Can I order and pay for fonts via an invoice?
Yes, please email [email protected] indicating which fonts you would like to purchase and your business address, including VAT number (in Europe only). We will then prepare the invoice with payment details.

For a detailed licence please donwload our EULA.

In most cases the general license is enough, but when it comes to certain usages of the fonts, such as marketing products (eg t-shirts or mugs), feature films, TV, games etc, you will need tp purchase an additional upgrade license customised to your needs and to your audience. Please take a look here in our FAQs, see our EULA for specific details or contact us at [email protected].
Can I test your fonts before purchasing?
In most cases, we do grant temporary licences for testing our typefaces. Please send your physical address details and the list of typefaces you would like to test to [email protected]. You will receive a temporary licence agreement specifying the test time period and other parameters. You will need to sign and return the agreement as a PDF. The testing fonts are fully functional and include the whole character set and OpenType features. If you are inquiring for an advertising or design agency, please contact us to request access to our premier account for unlimited font testing.

Can I use your fonts for my logo?
Yes, of course! We only ask you to turn the fonts into outlines in your final artwork logo.

Can I make a backup of your fonts?
You are allowed to make one back up for archival and restoration purposes. You are not allowed to copy or duplicate for anything other than archival and restoration purposes: Sharing, lending, streaming, torrenting, renting, sale, including as part of a larger product or deliverable, or other unauthorized use are not allowed.

I am sending InDesign files to the printer. Can I send a copy of the fonts I am using?
Yes, you are allowed to send the fonts to the printer or service bureau for use in the production of your own materials. However, some printers may prefer vector formats, which is preferable. You are responsible for ensuring the printer does not keep the fonts once the project is completed, or, if repeatedly using the same printer, that you have purchased enough licences to cover their continual use of the fonts.

How many people can use the typefaces, and on how many computers?
Licences are purchased per workstation. It is always best to have purchased a few additional licences for printing and production services. Fonts cannot be stored on central servers to be accessed when needed; they must reside on a computer workstation, and each computer on which they reside must have a licence purchased for it.

Who should buy fonts: the client or designer?
If you are a design consultancy, advertising agency, or purchasing this licence for use by or on behalf of such an organization, the final end user (the client) must purchase a licence if they (your client) will need copies of the fonts and install them, whether for desktop, web, or app usage.

I understand that I can provide a TypeTogether font to a printer for the production of our materials. But, for the purpose of making products, can I send the font to advertising agencies, other graphic designers, and companies producing gifts (pens, USB memory sticks, T-shirts, etc.)?
Yes, this is fine if you don't exceed the maximum number of licences purchased. If possible, it is best to send vectored images and text so the company does not actually receive the fonts and you are not liable for their use of them. The purchaser is responsible for ensuring the third-party company deletes our typefaces from their system once the job is complete.

Can I use your free fonts for my logo and website?
Of course! We have several webfont hosting partners for your website needs.

Does the basic licence cover Flash animations?
Yes, you do not need to upgrade your licence to use our fonts in Flash animations.
I have purchased one of your fonts. Can I use it in merchandising such as mugs, stationary, T-shirts, etc.?
No, the use of any part of our fonts on goods for sales (T-shirts, mugs, on-demand stationery products, etc.) is not allowed with a regular licence. Contact us to receive a quote for a Merchandising licence.

Can I install the fonts on our studio server?
No, the regular licence does not allow you to install the fonts on a server. Please contact us [email protected] to receive a quote.

Can I use your fonts in a game?
If it is an online-based game, you need to purchase a webfont licence with the appropriate amount of pageviews. If it is a desktop-based game, please contact us with details for a price quote. If it is an app, you need to purchase an app licence per game title.

My site has printables that a user can personalize. Do I need a licence upgrade?
Yes, you will need to purchase a ‘Commercial Template Licence’. Please contact us to receive a price quote.

Can I use the font for the opening titles or subtitles in videos produced by our company, which could be watched on our website or YouTube channel?
For broadcasting audio-visual via cable or the internet you will need a licence upgrade. Please contact us [email protected].

Can I use the font for the opening titles or any other text in a TV series or feature film?
For broadcasting on TV, in a theatre, on DVD, VOD, BlueRay, or any similar media, you need a licence upgrade. Please contact us [email protected].

Can I make PDFs using your fonts to distribute by email or to put on our website? For example, invitations to seminars, or brochures/booklets with information about our company or the areas in which we work. These would be noncommercial in the sense that we don’t charge the recipient for them.
Yes, you are allowed to use our fonts in PDFs or other forms of embedding as long as they are for presenting information or designs or for sending designs to a service bureau or printer for preparation of your work. Make sure all the fonts are subset when embedded, and the PDF document must be set as non-editable. If you want to use the pdf for sale (for instance as an electronic book) you need to purchase a Mobile Embedding App Licence. You can select this option in the Cart.
See the Detailed licence for further information.

Is the web licence a recurring fee?
No, the web licence is a one-time payment and allows you to self-host the webfonts under the @font-face rule on your web server up to the amount of purchased page views.

What if I go over the amount of purchased page views?
We only charge the small fee that it takes to get you up to the next page view level. No problem.

Can I upgrade the allowed page views for my webfont?
Yes, of course. Please send us your purchase receipt to receive a discount code on the previously purchased amount, [email protected].

What font formats are included in the web licence?
You will receive a package with WOFF, WOFF2, EOT, and SVG.

I don’t want to host the fonts myself. Do you offer a subscription service?
We do not offer a subscription service ourselves, but all of our fonts are available at our partner, Typekit.

Can I use webfont technologies other than @font-face?
Yes, you can use slFR, Cufón, or Typeface.js. You do not need a web licence for those formats.

Can we install TypeTogether webfonts with the @font-face rule on our server?
Definitely! Make sure you’ve purchased licences for the amount of expected page views.

How can I use stylistic alternates on web?
Great question! You can find detailed info on the W3C website:  
See the Detailed Licence for further information.

Is the app licence a recurring fee?
No, the app licence is a one-time payment. It is calculated as 3× the base desktop price.

How do I buy an app licence?
Select Add an App Licence during the buying process and include the number of apps.

I am developing one app for multiple devices, how many licences do I need to purchase?
You only need to buy one licence for each app, no matter the devices and platforms. One app = one licence.

I am making more than one app for the same company, how many licences do I need to buy?
You need to purchase as many licences as apps, even though they are all for the same company. Our pricing scheme applies automatic discounts, so the more apps, the better the price per app.

If the app has a huge impact and receives millions of downloads, will I receive an invoice from TypeTogether for those downloads?
No, you pay only once. The amount of downloads is irrelevant. We’re nice like that.

I want the text in my app to be editable; is this covered in the App licence?
No, you will need to purchase a licence upgrade to the ‘Limited Editable Commercial Licence’. The fee is 8× the base desktop price and is a one-time payment.
When I try to purchase a font I get this message: ERROR DETAIL: prcode = 30 | srcode = 1002 | resulttext = Declined in AC, Declined
This error message either means the credit card you are using is not compliant with the 3D Secure System of double authentication, mandatory in the EU, or there is not enough money in the account to cover the cost. Please either use another card that has 3D Secure enabled, check with your bank, or use the other payment option with PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to pay with PayPal.

I get an error when trying to download the purchased fonts.
Please contact us at [email protected] with details about the error, the fonts, and what kind of system you are using so we can help troubleshoot.

For some reason I can’t embed the fonts in MS Word or Powerpoint. Why is that?
Microsoft requires the TTF file format for embedding. We can provide it at no extra charge. Please send us the purchase receipt of the fonts to [email protected].

I get an error when trying to download your free fonts.
It is very likely that you are trying to download them from a dysfunctional URL. Please go to www.type-together.com/catalogue and look for the red ‘from EUR 0.00’ signs.
I work for a company and I want to hire you to create a custom font for us.
Great! Please write to [email protected] with details and we’d be happy to have a conference call and prepare a quote for you.

I would like to use one of your fonts for branding or a particular client, could you add some extra features, another script, or another weight or style? Yes, we’d be happy to have a conference call and discuss the particularities of your project and then prepare a quote for you. Please write to [email protected].

I am working on a project and I already have a Latin typeface, but I need to add a different script (Arabic, Devanagari, Cyrillic). Can you design a matching script? Yes, we have experience in a broad range of different scripts. We’d be happy to have a conference call and discuss the particularities of your project and then prepare a quote for you. Please write to [email protected].
I am working on a project and I cannot find the right typeface. Could you help me find the right one?
Yes, we offer consultancy work. We understand that finding the right typeface can be difficult, but we can help easing the way for a perfect match.

I am working on a project and I already have a typeface, but I need to match it with a different one. Could you help me find the right one?
Yes, we offer consultancy work. We know matching typefaces can be struggling sometimes, but we can help find the perfect match for your typeface, not necesarily from our catalogue, but looking at what is best for your project. Send us an email to [email protected].

I am working on a project and I already have a Latin typeface, but I need to match it with a different script (Arabic, Devanagari, Cyrillic). Could you help me find the right one?
Yes, we offer consultancy work. We know matching typefaces from different scripts can be difficult sometimes, but we can help find the perfect match for your typeface, keeping harmony between scripts but without jeopardizing any of them. Send us an email to [email protected].

I would like to interview TypeTogether for a printed article, an audio recording, or video recording. How would I arrange that?
We’d love to take part! Please write to us at [email protected] and list the kind of information you’d like to discuss and your time frame, and we’ll see what we can do.
What is your standard format?
Can I buy other formats like PostScript Type 1 or older TrueType?
Our fonts are released as OpenType, which is the current industry standard. On request we can send you TTF for free and any other legacy format for a small fee.

What is OpenType (OT)?
OpenType is a typographical format that allows more flexibility and the storage of cubic or quadratic Bézier curves. In the second half of the 1990s, Adobe® and Microsoft® got together to create OpenType, the typographical format that is replacing (and at the time of writing this, has replaced to a large extent) TrueType and PostScript Type 1–3 fonts.
With OpenType, one single font can store up to 65,000 glyphs; it is compatible with Unicode, which means multiple-script systems can be stored in one single font; it is multi-platform (it works in MacOs, Windows, and Linux), and it is ‘intelligent’: the so-called OpenType functions allow the application of a series of necessary characteristics for the correct representation of languages and writing systems used beyond the Western world. In addition, it allows the possibility of a series of typographical refinements.

What are OpenType features?
OpenType allows some added characteristics to the typefaces and typographic refinements, but it also enables the correct representation of writing systems other than Latin. OpenType functions allow: contextual and local substitutions, ligatures and discretional ligatures, reordering of characters, positioning, bidirectionality, typographic refinements: different sets of figures, small caps, fractions, ordinals, superiors, inferiors, and much more.

Do all TypeTogether fonts have the same OpenType features?
Not necessarily. Each typeface is designed as a solution to a particular problem (for continuous reading on screen, or to save space in headlines) so they respond to particular needs. The online specimens included in all our typefaces show all the Open Type features, activated and deactivated.

I don't know if my software supports OpenType features. How can I tell?
OpenType fonts are widely supported, but some software might not recognise the OpenType features. Adobe and QuarkXpress are working to make them more accessible, and InDesign, Illustrator, PhotoShop, and QuarkXPress include panels to select glyphs and Open Type functions. (See: Adobe, QuarkXpress 2016)
Apple is also working to fully support OpenType features. In Apple applications like Pages, Keynote, and TextEdit, you can bring up the Typography panel (under Format > Font > Show Fonts > Settings wheel > Typography, or in some programs, selecting Command–T will bring up the Typography panel).
Since Microsoft Word 2010 and higher versions, it is also possible to access limited OpenType Features (choose Format > Font > Advanced).  

How can I install the fonts in my computer?
Mac OS X and Windows have made the installation of fonts very easy. Just double-click on the font file and click on Install. Both platforms provide information on how to install and manage fonts: Apple, Windows XP and Windows
If you are using a third-party app for font management, we recommend checking their support documentation.

Can I install fonts on my mobile phone or my tablet?
Some operating systems allow fronts to be installed or changed, (e.g. in Android). On iOS, a paid app called AnyFont will allow font installation on the OS for use in some apps. 
I would like to change my email.
Our database is built in such a way that the email addresses cannot be changed for an active account. Please register again with your new email and we will deactivate your old account.

Where can I find an invoice for my purchase?
Please log in to your account at TypeTogether and look under ‘My purchases’. There you will find the history of your purchases and the receipts.

Why can’t I download the fonts I purchased anymore?
We keep the download link active for only seven days after purchase. If you have not downloaded them in this time frame, please contact us.

I would like to be kept up-to-date with new font releases.
The best way to stay up-to-date is to subscribe to our monthly newsletter. Just click the option in your account page. We do NOT spam or sell your information.
Do you have type specimens that I can order?
Yes, you can view and order them at the merchandise section

I would like to submit a project where I used TypeTogether fonts.
Great! please send your material, including high-quality images, credit notes, and a description of the project to [email protected].

I would like to submit my type design project for publication with TypeTogether.
We’d be happy to receive your submission! Please send a PDF showing your typeface to [email protected]. We discuss submissions on a regular basis as a company. If we’re interested in your design, we’ll respond with the next steps.

Do you have a mentorship program?
Yes, since 2014 we have run the ‘Typeface Publishing Incentive Programme’, which is aimed at post-graduate type design students. More information can be found here.

About Us

TypeTogether is an indie type foundry committed to excellence in type design with a focus on editorial use. Additionally, TypeTogether creates custom type design for corporate use. We invite you to browse our library of retail fonts or contact us to discuss custom type design projects.