Klabu, hope for refugees

May 2024

Difficult environments deserve hope. Klabu creates sports leagues in these places, and they are using Lektorat to send out their message of hope in the strongest ways.


Klabu is an unique combination of NGO and social enterprise, using the power of sports to build clubhouses which support refugees. Klabu works with local communities around the world to create these hubs for play, wellbeing, entrepreneurship, and education. Each clubhouse, set up in some of the world’s most difficult environments, has its own unique Klabu sportswear, which is sold so people can support the team. So no matter what circumstances surround the refugees, they can find relief, pride, and happiness through sports.

Katherine Blom, of Klabu’s agency Build in Amsterdam, said, “We aimed to create an uplifting expression of their visual identity across the digital platform, with an editorial focus on storytelling and details that draw from the theme of sport.” So Build in Amsterdam selected TypeTogether’s Lektorat by Florian Fecher as their main typeface. From masthead to colophon, Lektorat has six concise text styles and 42 display styles to captivate, educate, and motivate within any editorial purpose. It functions well in books, on screens, or or the side of a building, which is just what Klabu needed.

What’s next for Klabu? Founder Jan van Hövell said, “We are currently working on new clubhouses in refugee camps in Brazil and Mauritania. We’re also working on new sportswear, including for teams and companies and through collaborations with other brands. In the long-term, our goal is to reach more than two million refugees by 2030, by actively running 50+ KLABU sports clubhouses in refugee camps, settlements, and cities, and becoming the world’s biggest sports club!”

Dive deeper into the personal stories and show your support at www.klabu.org.



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