We introduced you to Emma Marichal in 2022 when she won the Gerard Unger Scholarship for her Ploquine typeface. After months of work to expand the family and perfect the variable fonts, we have just released it and hope you also appreciate the same expressive joy and usefulness we found in it. This video interview covers a bit of Emma’s history, her process, her thoughts on the Gerard Unger Scholarship, and her hopes for the Ploquine family.

Ploquine is a slab serif of structured delicacy, able to set context with subtlety or be stylistically captivating. Designed for editorial use from wood types, the family can be aggressive or delicate. Its 14 well-balanced styles are suitable for paragraphs where its details improve the overall text color, and those details become a distinctive branding feature when Ploquine is set at large sizes. Her experimentation and research produced a typeface with calm-fidence in every style.

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