Todavía magazine

October 2019

Argentinian magazine Todavía ran for 40 issues and enjoyed a warm reception in Latin American culture. Among other typefaces, Abril and Adelle Sans were featured prominently and in arresting ways.


Todavía was an Argentinian magazine published by the Fundación OSDE, a magazine with a cultural focus from a Latin American perspective. Its main goal was to introduce to readers the themes, authors, and artists from the region, with an overall aim of integration, respect, and democratic coexistence amongst country.

Closing with a total of 40 issues published, the design concept and art direction were in the hands of the renowned Estudio LoBianco from Buenos Aires, and the mise-en-page by Theo Contestin and Catalina Ruiz Luque. A magazine of typographic excellence, it used, among others, two of TypeTogether’s families, Abril and Adelle Sans.

Abril was used in a way that showed all its abilities: long and short texts, displays, and opening titles; and it was in the titles where its more organic and extroverted characteristics flourished.

Adelle Sans was used in various articles, in shorter texts generally, and in particularly strong monochromatic compositions printed on rough papers. Overall, Todavía magazine was delightful to see and read and will be highly missed.


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