Noam Text exhibition at TDC NY

November 2019

TDC arranged an exhibition and presentation for Noam Text, led by Adi Stern and Veronika Burian.


Since Noam Text’s 2017 release, Adi Stern and Veronika Burian have taken part in several presentations around the world centred on the Hebrew language, culture, design, and typography. Their most recent one just concluded at the Type Director’s Club in New York, but the poster exhibition will remain open until the end of January 2020.

This was an updated version of the 2018 exhibition in Tel Aviv, including Adi’s discussion of the Jewish Memorial in Auschwitz, which he art directed, along with the accompanying book in which Noam Text was used. Additional posters showed a concise history of the Hebrew script and basic typographic explanation of the scripts. Veronika spoke about the process of releasing such a respectful and modern Hebrew serif family, highlighting the resilience, progress, and harmony inherent to Noam Text’s design.

After the presentations, the audience asked questions about terminology for Hebrew type design, difficulties of bilingual type setting, and culture. If you missed this encouraging night, the exhibit is open until the end of January, so make an appointment to stop by. 





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