Polish Bibles

May 2020

Sirba’s warmth comes to light in a series of Polish editions of the Bible designed by Muflon studio.


Sacred texts such as the Bible sometimes need a modern update in terms of presentation. With a resurgence of value placed on the aesthetic and mechanical virtues of design, the Holy Bible is often the focus of typesetting ventures.

Nicolien van der Keur
’s Sirba has been used throughout this series of Polish Bible translations designed by Muflon StudioSirba has been skillfully used in the sacred works to make complex texts warm: translations, introductions, comments, footnotes, call-outs, and the like.

The four translations chosen for publication are the Biblia Tysiąclecia (AKA Millenium Bible), the Biblia Poznańska, the Biblia Gdańska, and the Biblia Paulistów.

Photos courtesy of Marek Dziurkowski ©. 

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