New release: Laima

September 2019

Special occasions need a special font. The Laima font family by Bogidar Mascareñas is precisely that. We are very pleased to introduce this brand-ready stencil font formed by a flowing calligraphic brush instead of rigid machinery — lively, unexpected, and captivating.

Laima stencil font


The stencil font category has a range of looks and styles. But because of what it has to accomplish, over the last several decades stencil has almost come to mean only the strokes that are necessary.

We are proud to announce the Laima font family by Bogidar Mascareñas, a stencil formed by a calligraphic brush! This flowing beauty has letter parts akin to the stop-and-start rhythm of a stunning pearl necklace held together by delicate threads. Laima was awarded the Gerard Unger Scholarship (previously, Typeface Publishing Incentive Programme) and now you get to see why. Check out the alternates on our website type tester and put it to work in your next upscale event or rebrand.

Laima stencil branding


Laima stencil font

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